Capitalism is failing, inequality is increasing, the right is on the rise, the natural world is being devastated; social democracy has been replaced by neoliberalism and the corporate state is tightening its grip. The system is not reformable. It is clear we must move beyond capitalism but it is not clear to what and how to do this. Broadly, we need radical system change – political and social revolutions internationally to meet the needs of the many, to move towards living in a democratic, equal, just society and to have a chance of avoiding multiple and converging crises.

The purpose of this blog is to collate, describe and analyse in one place the theory and practice of how an anti-capitalist revolutionary movement in the UK is being built. Is that all?! There are many perspectives on how to bring about radical social change through emancipatory struggles. This is not about one political ideology, instead I’m interested in listening to all the voices that have made a contribution to past and present struggles and explore how their lessons can be applied now, in a non-sectarian way.

I will aim to use accessible language to start to explore this vast topic. Initial posts will start from what I see as the basics, and further posts will go from there to generate depth of understanding. I intend for there to be useful material for both those just starting to think about the topic, and those who already have a theory of revolution. I’m interested in questioning how we think about building a revolutionary movement in the UK? What are the barriers to building this revolutionary movement? How do we overcome those barriers? How do we challenge state and corporate power, and build collective power?

This is a work in progress so if I’ve got anything wrong or missed something on a topic (which of course I will do), do let me know. Also, I’m dyslexic so apologies for any typos. If you have any comments, suggestions or questions, do get in touch in a respectful and constructive way. Thanks.

Adam H