Capitalism and reforms

This post includes sections on: can capitalism be reformed, proposed reforms, do reforms protect capitalism, why reforms won't work, and capitalism undoes reforms that benefit ordinary people. This post is critical of reforms because they mostly protect capitalism in different ways and get in the way of building transformational mass movements. But I also do … Continue reading Capitalism and reforms

Capitalism’s cycles and waves

This post will look at the long-term cycles of the geographical centre of the capitalist economy (during capitalisms existence over the last 600 years), capitalism's economic waves and cycles and the 10-year capitalist business cycle. There are several theories of historical cycles that relate to societies or civilisations, these are beyond the scope of this … Continue reading Capitalism’s cycles and waves

History of capitalisms’ reforms that benefit ordinary people in Britain

This post lists the reforms that have benefited ordinary people in Britain. I'm interested in what role reforms can play in moving in a revolutionary direction. I want to understand the reforms that have been achieved - what was the context, how were they won, why have many been rolled back and not defended by … Continue reading History of capitalisms’ reforms that benefit ordinary people in Britain

What are reforms?

The post describes the different understandings of what reform means: positive meaning of reform; radical or revolutionary critique of reform; revolutionary reforms or non-reform reforms; right-wing counter-reforms; and religious reform. Dictionary definitions of reform include to “make changes in (something, typically a social, political, or economic institution or practise) in order to improve it.” and “a … Continue reading What are reforms?