What is Marxism Part 2: Marxism after Marx

The post describes the many Marxism's after Marx. It's long so the introduction lists the contents of the post. There is a mixture of theory and history. Marxism after Marx historically and geographically - David McLellan In Marxism after Marx, David McLellan has written the most comprehensive description of the various Marxism that came after … Continue reading What is Marxism Part 2: Marxism after Marx

What is Neoliberalism?

This post provides a brief introduction to the current form of capitalism: neoliberalism. It includes sections on: neoliberal ideology; Governmentality - how neoliberalism governs, neoliberal government policies; how neoliberalism is a capitalist class project of domination; the history of neoliberalism in the twentieth century; and the three phase of neoliberalism in government since the 1980s. … Continue reading What is Neoliberalism?