Why do people support Capitalism?

In this post I'll explain why people say they support capitalism and then the actual reasons why people support capitalism. To end capitalism we need to understand why people support it. I’m listing the positives in the post that I don't agree with. In future posts I’ll describe the myths of capitalism and the reasons … Continue reading Why do people support Capitalism?

Types of Social Movements

This post describes different types of social movements. These are broad classifications and generally social movements are made up from a combination of types. Their type can change at different points in the social movements lifecycle. Reform movements seek to change some parts of society without completely transforming it. They normally exist in democratic societies … Continue reading Types of Social Movements

What is Marxism Part 2: Marxism after Marx

The post describes the many Marxism's after Marx. It's long so the introduction lists the contents of the post. There is a mixture of theory and history. Marxism after Marx historically and geographically - David McLellan In Marxism after Marx, David McLellan has written the most comprehensive description of the various Marxism that came after … Continue reading What is Marxism Part 2: Marxism after Marx

What is Neoliberalism?

This post provides a brief introduction to the current form of capitalism: neoliberalism. It includes sections on: neoliberal ideology; Governmentality - how neoliberalism governs, neoliberal government policies; how neoliberalism is a capitalist class project of domination; the history of neoliberalism in the twentieth century; and the three phase of neoliberalism in government since the 1980s. … Continue reading What is Neoliberalism?